Master Class

Enjoy the new chronicle of Lineage 2. Show your skills in PvP and stronger while farming monster in PvE.

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FREE! Epics for newbies !

Server Rate

963x Rate for EXP & SP
25x Adena Drop Rate
65% Enchant Rate


  • Increased Rate EXP
  • Increased Rate SP
  • Increased Drop Chance
  • Increased Drop Rate
  • Increased Spoil Chance
  • Increased Spoil Rate


Auto-Attack and Auto-Use Supplies feature is activated on this server. This feature will be a great help for players with less time to play and be able to not fall behind. Combined with self-buffs will give players to progress even during your daily lives.


We added a GM Shop that will cater to the needs of the players while they are in the farming zones or just in town so that they can focus more on their gears than just moving around.


  • New Hunting Zones
  • New Bosses
  • Class Ranking System
  • Clan Missions
  • New Skills and Dual Skills
  • New Items

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Lineage 2 public test server. These servers are an emulator of the Lineage 2 game. The use of the service is for informational purposes only.
You can familiarize yourself with the original version of the game Lineage 2 on the official servers of NCSoft.

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