Dragon L2 Server

Master Class

Enjoy the new chronicle of Lineage 2. Show your skills in PvP and stronger while farming monster in PvE.

Play for Free

FREE! Epics for Newbies !


To be able to join please download first the Lineage2 Client located from the following locations.

Link 1
Link 2

Additional Instruction

If you already have the client, but you have some trouble running it even if you use the UPDATER application then download these extra files. (Extract it on the root folder of the client)

System file v4.1

Lineage 2 public test server. These servers are an emulator of the Lineage 2 game. The use of the service is for informational purposes only.
You can familiarize yourself with the original version of the game Lineage 2 on the official servers of NCSoft.

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