Lineage 2 Homunculus Chapter 2 PvP server:

Rate Exp: 963x     Rate Sp: 963x     Adena: 100x      Weight: 8x     MaxEnchant: 35     MaxPlayer Level: 130     Enchant Rate:70%

Supreme Krishna Weapons and Armors R110

Dragon Weapons (max enchant 0)

BloodStained Zariche Weapons / BloodStained Akamanah Weapons (max enchant 0)

Pa’agrios Earring / Eva’s Earring / Sayha’s Ring / Maphr Ring / Einhasad’s Necklace / Gran Kain’s Necklace

Dragon Jewelry (augmentable) / Angel Jewelry

Greater Zodiac Agathion Charms / Greater Fire Dragon Charm

Legendary Cloaks (augmentable) / Hero’s Cloak

Artifacts (55 diferent types)

Heirs Radiance LvL. 7 PvP/PvE

Talisman of Protection  LvL 10

Sayha’s Talisman  LvL 10

Superior Jewls LvL 10